HELPFUL HINTS FOR BLIMPY VIRGINS: there is a set of time-honored rules to be followed when you order your meal, otherwise you risk the scorn and derision of the cooks and will be subject to groans of agony from the patrons in line behind you!  These are very important, so pay close attention - they are in force at the new restaurant!
When you come in:
1) Every person must stand in line and order their own food.
2) Every person intending to "dine in" must have their OWN tray.  (Food is packed "to go" if you don't have a tray.)
3) Pay attention so we can ask questions about your order.... and please, NO CELL PHONES in line!

When it is your turn to order:
1) First, the deep fryer order: french fries, fried veggies, etc.
2) Then, what size Blimpy: double, triple, quad, quint
3) Next, decide what kind of roll: plain, onion, kaiser, etc.
4) Any grilled items: onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc.
5) Just before the burger comes off the grill, you will be asked to pick what kind of cheese you prefer, if any.
6) After the burger comes off the grill, you will be asked what type of condiments you would like - please start with "wet" items like mayo, ketchup or mustard... and only say what you want and NOT what you don't want!

After you have finished and you are savoring the last bite of Blimpy goodness:
1) Please bus your table and recycle beverage containers.
2) Start planning for your next trip to Blimpys!

This is the deep fryer. When you are asked what you want from the deep fryer, the only acceptable answer involves french fries or fried veggies! Do not offend the fry cook by blurting out how many beef patties you want!

This is the grill. When you are asked what you want from the grill, the only acceptable answer involves burgers, buns and items that can be grilled! Do not under any circumstances tell the grill cook you want ketchup on your burger!

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