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Blimpy's: An Ann Arbor Tradition

Our new location at 304 S. Ashley St, Ann Arbor, MI

  Krazy Jim's Blimpyburger has been an Ann Arbor staple since 1953, serving up customizable sliders with a unique, interactive ordering system. 

  While our location has changed, the food and service you love has not. Our burgers are still made with fresh beef, ground in-house daily. We use the same recipe for our hand battered and breaded onion rings and veggies. You still order your food directly from the cook and watch it made on the grill (yes, the same grill) right before your eyes. We still give $2 bills and 50 cent pieces for change.


If you haven't made it to our new location yet, come check it out. If you are a Blimpy virgin, come find out why 6 generations of customers have made us a part of their Ann Arbor traditions.

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