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A Hamburger Today, May 2009 with an excerpt from the book Hamburger America, ISBN 0762431024

A group of healthy-looking sixty-somethings were enjoying their burgers the last time I visited and told me, "This is where we celebrate our birthdays. We've been coming here for over fifty years." When one of the grill guys, Skinny, heard that, he blurted out, "And they STILL don’t know how to order their burgers."

Listen to   a great podcast about  Blimpy's by the Ann Arbor Public Library

"In 1953 an Ann Arbor institution opened, Krazy Jim's Blimpyburger. When Jim Shafer was ready to sell the business in 1992, a Blimpy's grill team verteran, Rich Magner, took over the most famous burger joint in Tree Town. 


Rich sat down with AADL to talk about the history of Krazy Jim's, the famous order line, what makes a great burger and the orgins of the Snow Bears.


Rich gave a progress report on the future of Blimpy Burgers and the crowdfunding campaign currently underway to assure it's future." 

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